The Marietta Middle School GUIDANCE PROGRAM offers a wide variety of services to young adolescents and their families. These services include:

  • Individual counseling for students for academic and personal assistance;
  • Small-group counseling on topics such as communication skills, organizational strategies, and study skills;
  • Classroom guidance lessons focusing on decision making and problem solving skills, interpersonal communication skills and career awareness;
  • Helping students though transitions;
  • Coordinating testing and test interpretation;
  • Providing liaisons with community resources.


  • holds an advanced graduate degree in counseling;
  • works with students to help them develop academically, personally, and socially;
  • consults with parents and teachers to maximize a child's learning potential;
  • coordinates and facilitates the efforts of school services and community agencies.

SERVICES provided by a SCHOOL COUNSELOR are delivered through:

  • Scheduled appointments with individual students and parents;
  • Small group counseling;
  • Telephone consultations;
  • Parenting seminars and courses;
  • Classroom activities;
  • Crisis intervention.
Guidance Staff The Guidance Office at Marietta Middle School is committed to promoting and enhancing student achievement. We do this by providing direction on achieving academic success, overcoming obstacles to social development, as well as helping students have a successful transition to high school.

Counselors work with students, teachers, administrators and parents to ensure that student needs are met. In addition to this, external resources may also be secured through the MCS Social Work Services, depending on the needs of students. 

Guidance Staff:

Kim Wheeler, 7th Grade Counselor, 770-422-0311 Ext. 1241 
Andrea Francis, 8th Grade Counselor, 770-422-0311 Ext. 1242
Lynn Hayes, Registrar, 770-422-0311 Ext. 1240
Kristin Lopez, Secretary, 770-429-3169 or 770-422-0311 Ext. 1243

Office Phone Numbers and Hours:

Voice Line into Guidance Office: 770-429-3169
Fax Line: 770-429-3161

Office Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
New Student Registration Hours: Contact Guidance Office to Schedule


  • From the Counselors to you: WORDS TO THE WISE

    Read actual comments from Facebook below and test your No To Bullying IQ

    T.    I can’t stand her. She is just a huge whale, puffin pantin and wheezing like she running out of air. She thinks everybody likes her Rhianna wannabe with her fake self she just fake if she says anything to me I swear I hope she reading this post you fat and ugly…

    R.    Yeah…and don’t let a twinkie get close to her she will run you over to get to that thing

    S.     No body wants to fight her, if she sit on you you mashed potatoe

    M.    LOL!!!!! this is too funny


    T is only cyberbully in the above exchange.

    True False Answer: False

    All the participants in the above exchange are supporting and encouraging mean and hateful comments about another person.

    Any kind of demeaning, threatening and or hurtful comment directed at another student with the intention to intimidate, harass, and isolate using electronic means is cyberbullying.

    You may not be the one who posted the initial hurtful and or demeaning comment about another student on Facebook or by text, however, if you post any kind of agreement such as “like” or extend the cruel comment, you are just as guilty of cyber bullying as the original writer.

    It is not easy to resist peer- pressure.

    It takes courage to go against the group, to opt out of the conversation, to show care for others, by posting, “dislike” or better yet, making no comment at all, blocking or refusing to participate.

    There are consequences to bullying. We all know of the terrible outcomes. The most extreme are the young people who hurt themselves and or others because of the anger, shame, and deep hurts from being bullied.

    But there are also legal consequences for the bullies, and consequences for those who egg on or support the bully, such as posting comments supporting bullying.

    The victim and his or her family can file charges which may lead to fines or jail time for young people who were just “following the crowd.”


    Check on the sites your child visits. Do random checks of your child’s Tumbler, Tweeter, or blogs. Talk with your middle school child daily. The peer pressure is particularly strong at adolescence. Continue to encourage your child to be the best he or she can be.

    Ask the counselors at Marietta Middle for more tips and advice.

    Visit the websites below for additional information on bullying.


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